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The Right Choices For Teens Can Mean A Long Life

teensSmoking is considered responsible for 87 percent of all lung cancers.

The truth is, you are faced with life-and-death choices every day, even though you may not realize it. For teens especially, the decisions may not seem as clear-cut as what to do Saturday night or what college to try for, but many of your daily choices can make a big difference today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

The Hit Parade

Heart disease, cancer, stroke, accidents, lung disease, pneumonia and influenza, diabetes, suicide, HIV (AIDS), homicide–when it comes to killers, these are the nation’s Top 10.

According to the latest government statistics (1990), the rankings for Americans between the ages of 15 and 24 are …

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Boys And Girls Just Communicate Differently

bagjcExperts tell us that a chief reason friendships run into trouble is because boys talk to girls differently than girls talk to boys. And their communication styles are based on very different expectations. Learning how others communicate and adjusting your expectations to the differences in styles can help.

The following tips come from psychologists, guidance counselors, and specialists in how people think, feel–and talk.

Boy Talk

We’re all individuals, with our own communication style and our own unique way of expressing ourselves. Yet within the genders are some common points.

* My Turn! Boys expect girls to listen to them, while fewer girls expect boys to do the listening. Because of these expectations, boys generally do more of the talking in …

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